Showing God’s love through Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, And Evangelism.


Music and arts are very important in GFC’s worship celebration. A full band and five singers take the stage every Sunday and invite fellow believers, friends and guests, to join and worship God together with contemporary songs and music. Our focus is not to impress visitors or put on a performance, we simply wish to magnify God’s name and to connect you with His presence.

We believe that true worship can cleanse the heart, renew the mind from the daily stress of life, and prepare it to listen to simple but relevant Christ-centered preaching. If you have no place to go on Sunday, we invite you to stop by and listen; you just might hear something that will transform you.


GFC operate under the idea that each person should aim to win, disciple, and mentor other people in the Christian faith. So we are committed to make each member a disciple maker, to equip, mentor, and support members for the fulfillment of the Great commission; helping each member to discover his/her gifts and how to integrate them in ministry (SHAPE Class).

We do this best trough one-on-one discipleship and our CLASS Program (CLASS 101 to 401).


We are social beings who need fellowship with God and with other believers. Our life groups (small groups) are great tools to promote healthy relationships that help members find intimate community, practical help, support, and accountability.

If you come Sunday we will meet you after service at Cafellowship, a time for refreshment and fellowship with the finest group of people you will ever meet.


Jesus Christ commanded his followers to go and make disciples. Obedience to this command requires a proactive approach in sharing the Gospel in a continuum that begins in the local community and expands to people in other nations. GFC is committed to local and world evangelism. We currently evangelize the local community with Christ centered services in two languages (English and Spanish), one-on-one discipleship, and hosting life groups

We also sponsor missionaries in four countries, including the Philippines where a family from our local church has established a mission, planted a church, and is currently in the process of planting a second one.